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Update on the Masakane Trust

Dear Friends,

Eastertide Greetings and Love from your Masakane Trust Friends in the Diocese and South Africa.

It’s been a while since we have updated you on Masakane Trust, Empowering Women and Children in South Africa. Many of you remember Sue and Grace, the Founder and Director, who visited Diomass in October 2013. They continue their awesome work on a shoestring budget. They continue to train teachers who teach and guide children in SA where there is much rural poverty. Amazingly many of these teachers adapt old sheds and small buildings in villages and open their own preschools with the help of Masakane staff, mentors and village leaders.

Sue and Grace visited several congregations and preschools in the diocese. The stories they shared and the concert at Good Shepherd East Dedham inspired many of us to support them with prayer and financial donations.

Since October 2013, five congregations launched a Mission Partnership with Masakane Trust and the Anglican Diocese of Highveld in South Africa. A preschool raised $1000 for the training of 3 teachers, a congregation collected a couple of dozen boxes of books from its parish and other parishes in diocese, twelve persons including teachers and educators and passionate clergy and laity from 4 congregations visited several Preschools in SA in the summer of 2014, and over $1000 was raised by a parish toward the purchase of supplies, learning materials and teacher training. Prayers continue, plans for preschools and Sunday schools in the diocese to partner with SA schools are being made, and another trip to SA is being planned for this summer. (Would you like to join us on the Mission trip this summer?)

This letter joyfully invites you to:
a Sunday Afternoon of Music, Mission and More at
Church of the Holy Spirit Mattapan, June 7th 4:00 PM-6:00PM.

Please see the attached Flyer and pass it on to family and friends you think might be interested. It will be a fun afternoon with choirs, music groups, dancers, and sing a longs from musicians in the 5 congregations to inspire us and short stories from the missioners who visited the schools. Their stories show how mission relationships change the lives of those who serve as well as those being served. Come and discover that despite what little the children, teachers and schools have to work with, they have an overwhelming abundance of Love, Faith and Joy.

The Music, Mission and More afternoon is also a Fund Raiser for Masakane Trust. An offering will be collected. Many of you have generously made donations in the past which helped Masakane and launched this mission partnership. We and Masakane are forever deeply grateful. We hope you will consider donating again, whether or not you join us in June. We also welcome new donors as well to help Masakane. Please prayerfully consider donating on June 7th or before or after this event if you can’t come.

If you wish to mail a donation to us please send a check made out to the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts to
Ms. Diane Pound , Episcopal Diocese of Mass. 138 Tremont St Boston, MA 02111
Please write Masakane Trust on the Memo line. Thank you

Hope to see you June 7th. If you have any questions, comments or would like to consider going on this summer's trip to SA please contact me at Kathy at or Holly at

Christ’s Love and Peace for You, Masakane Trust and all Creation,

+Bud Cederholm

Bishop Suffragan (Retired)
Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts